Houses of the Garlon T'zen

There are five Royal houses of Garlon T'zen. The ruling house being House Garlon T'zen itself. This is where the Empire takes it name from. There are also Nobel Houses as well as Minor Houses. Except in cases of the Royal Houses, membership in a house is given up once a person joins the Military. 

Members of the same House may not always be related by blood. There can be more than one family that belongs to a House. 

  • Garlon T'zen: Kiku is the high princess because she is of this Royal House. Other members of this House are Dessalen and Sadar. Their mother was the high queen before the Celestial Curse. She named Dessalen the heir because she did not have a daughter.  Dessalen was her son by her sworn consort, so she chose him, even though he was the younger. There is never a king, only a queen. If a male inherits, he is the Exalted Leader.

  • Azu T'zen: Akane. 

  • Darna T'zen: Toki

  • Renka T'zen: Dido

  • Basth T'zen: Kaori and Mary.

Female children born into a House are automatically members. Male children, however, have to be nominated by their mothers for membership in their Houses and then confirmed by a majority vote of the Noble House Council.